Monday, 18 October 2010

Thorp Perrow Arboretum

So I went to Thorp Perrow Arboretum with a few fellow photographers yesterday, what a beautiful day and a beautiful place to go for a walk. Autumn colours everywhere... 100 acre woods, a small animal area and a hawk display. Great day out and great for getting the camera out. Here are a few photos of the day, may add some more later. Used the D700 and the Sigma 70-30mm zoom and tried to track the birds as they flew. Did a better job than the last time I tried...


  1. Beautiful photos. Haven't been to Thorp Perrow for a while - might have to have a trip there in the next week or so.

  2. hiya!! yeah it is a fabulous place to visit.. especially with the autumnal leaves at the moment.

  3. Love these photos. I am a newish convert to photography and have a Nikon D60 as a first camera but shall upgrade once my skills warrant it. I have the Nikon 300s or the new Nikon D7000 on my wish list.

    I see you used a D700 for your bird photos - I shall look that model up. Are you happy with the Sigma lens? I have stuck to Nikkor lenses but the camera/lens combination you used certainly makes for impressive results.

    What settings did you use? I am very interested in shutter speed and appertures now that I have finally abandoned the auto settings!

    Lovely blog BTW. Pan x

  4. oh hi there pan!! sorry i only just saw your comment here. well yeah am very happy with sigma lenses to be honest, and they are a fraction of the price too.

    settings i used on these particular shots are:

    aperture setting f5.6
    speed 1/125
    iso 1250
    focal length 240mm
    matrix metering

    i normally shoot in aperture priority unless im doing a night shot or i want a really slow shutter speed. i used a particulary high iso on these shots but with a camera like the d700 it doesn't really show much noise in the photos.