Monday, 5 April 2010

Long Time No Blog..

Ok, due to personal circumstances and getting a new job my photography has gone out of the window for a while... apart from a few snaps here and there. Got back to doing what I love best and took some shots inside our local Cathedral in Ripon yesterday. Due to the fact it is so beautiful inside with lots of dark corners and lights shining through the stained glass windows, I thought the best way to tackle the extremes would be to take some shots at different exposures and create some HDR (high dynamic range) photographs.

I used my sigma 10-20mm wide angle at 10mm to get as much of the Cathedral in shot as possible, taking in the ornate ceiling where there is so much detail and colour

I used Photomatix software to merge the 7 or 8 exposures into one photograph. Finished off by touching up and finalising the pictures in CS4.

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