Sunday, 7 June 2009

Self Portrait

Well I have been practising self portrait photography whilst the weather has been awful. I wanted a low key look (I feel like I'm hiding that way) so used a black background with a second flash with a red gel on directed at it. I had the flashes on separate groups so as to be able to adjust the strength independently from each other. I used my SB-800 as the main flash to the models left (me). I tried different diffusers for the main flash but found my lumiquest 80-20 with the white reflector inserted gave me the right look. I used Sam as my model to set-up and get the focus right to start with then left it in manual mode. I also used my infra-red remote so as not to have to keep getting up and down! Obviously had to wear something suitable and put some make-up on a little heavier than I would normally wear, I think wearing a hat makes the photo more interesting. My husband asked why I don't smile in my photos but it is difficult not looking like a grinning idiot when I'm taking photos of myself. The miserable look is better, believe me! I found it difficult getting the shadows right with the low-key look. I still have the shadows a little too dark on my face but there you go! The last photo was heavily photoshopped to hide my lines, pores and creases!! The first photo is a crop of the second.

And on a completely different subject Mark (hubby) has completed his Airbus conversion course which has taken him away from home for the past couple of months. Normality reigns at last!

UPDATE: I removed my self portraits as I don't like them!! :O

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