Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My First Blog

Well it seems to me that everyone and their dog has a blog so I thought it was about time I started one. Of course my main interest is photography so that will be the main subject of my posts. I am a Nikon fan and own a D300 with various lenses. I will start off with some of my recent photos. Having had quite a lot of snow recently, it was good to get out and get some shots of Fountain's Abbey in North Yorkshire. Fountain's Abbey is run by the National Trust so I go there often as I have an annual membership.

This is my favourite view of the abbey taking in the little waterfall and looking back towards the abbey.

This shot just takes in the curve of one of the beautiful lakes and I was lucky enough to catch a swan in the shot.

This is just a shot of the berries using a narrow depth of field.

These were all hand held as unfortunately I forgot to bring the quick release plate with me to fit on my tripod, it was still attached to my battery pack which was still at home...

My aim is to try and take photographs at least three days a week either indoors or out. I try to use new techniques often with my photography and with the post processing.

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