Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I haven't been out and about recently due to the fact I have a slipped disc. Surgery will take place next Wednesday so hopefully I will have a speedy recovery and be able to GET BACK OUT THERE again. Feel completely frustrated at not being able to walk far...

I took this shot of a derelict window as the three little tulips attracted me to it. The window was so run down and full of cob-webs but the flowers seem to be waving to me although my husband thinks that they look like little penises.......!!??

This shot is just a bit of colour after all the snow and cold weather we have had. This picture of snowdrops and other yellow flower things (keen gardener I am not) is proof that Spring is on it's way!!!

Sunday, 8 February 2009


I got out of bed this morning, logged on to my laptop to check new posts on the forum I belong to, to find that I had won the monthly competition with this picture!! I know it's not a big deal.... but it is a very big deal to me. I also won a camera bag that holds a camera plus and extra long lens which is cool. But for me it's not what you win, it's the fact that other people voted my picture as the best!!

I processed this picture by converting to black and white in CS4 and adding some noise and a slight vignette to darken the whole look. I used a narrow depth of field to focus on Sam's face and blur the background (Castle Howard). I wanted the viewer to focus initially on Sam but then wander to the back of the picture and wonder about the beautiful building behind him.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Ripon Cathedral HDR

Today I went out to try and get some shots for a competition about our local town. Amongst my shots, I took some of Ripon Cathedral. Ripon Cathedral to me is the focal point of our town and draws many tourists to help with the local economy. As you can see it is being renovated which is all for the good of the town. Shot this with one raw image and converted into 4 different images of different exposures. Merged and converted to HDR with Photomatix software. Touched up with PS CS4.

XDA Orbit

I just had to blog about my new (second hand) xda orbit. I just LOVE it. Things I can do with the Orbit: Tomtom, memory map, twitter, messenger, radio, take photos, email & all the normal things a phone can do, watch movies, play games and LOTS OF OTHER THINGS. Now I know that other people are saying "I have an iphone that does all that" but I got this for a pittance and I happen to like windows as I can hack into it easily to make changes. I went out today using the GPS with memory map and it was brilliant. It mapped the route I took which I can then transfer to memory map on my computer at home. It logged my whole 3.87 mile walk which isn't bad considering I have a slipped disc!!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


I received my 1:1 extension tube to go with the Tamron SP 90mm that I have. Will spend a bit of time on the weekend to see just how good it is. Was pretty impressed with this lens without the tube so this should be interesting. I bought a couple of inexpensive manual lenses on ebay but they are brilliant little lenses and meter on the D300 no problem. I tend to fiddle around with the focus anyway so I don't mind that they are manual. Funny being able to express my thoughts here. Normally it is all in my head as I don't have any friends that are interested in photography in particular. I don't want to bore anyone but I can bore myself stupid on here instead. Will post any decent macro piccies here.

I changed the style and font of the blog. Think it is just about how I want to keep it now.....

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My First Blog

Well it seems to me that everyone and their dog has a blog so I thought it was about time I started one. Of course my main interest is photography so that will be the main subject of my posts. I am a Nikon fan and own a D300 with various lenses. I will start off with some of my recent photos. Having had quite a lot of snow recently, it was good to get out and get some shots of Fountain's Abbey in North Yorkshire. Fountain's Abbey is run by the National Trust so I go there often as I have an annual membership.

This is my favourite view of the abbey taking in the little waterfall and looking back towards the abbey.

This shot just takes in the curve of one of the beautiful lakes and I was lucky enough to catch a swan in the shot.

This is just a shot of the berries using a narrow depth of field.

These were all hand held as unfortunately I forgot to bring the quick release plate with me to fit on my tripod, it was still attached to my battery pack which was still at home...

My aim is to try and take photographs at least three days a week either indoors or out. I try to use new techniques often with my photography and with the post processing.